Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development

Project Development Objective

The Strategic Cities Development Project (SCDP) aims to improve selected urban services and public urban spaces in participating City Regions of Sri Lanka.

Some negative impacts and mitigation measures include absence of legal titles in cases such as public lands users which would not be considered a bar to assistance, especially to socio-economically vulnerable groups; where development interventions would affect community facilities such as social, religious and cultural, which would be restored in relocation areas in consultation with the relocated persons and the host community. Alternative shops would be provided to displaced shopkeepers irrespective of ownership status if found eligible. Consultation and disclosure requirements would be adopted to meet the special needs of the project and scheduling of land acquisitions and resettlement planning, while implementation would be will be appropriately linked to civil works, ensuring the affected people are provided with entitlements and are suitably relocated prior to site handover for civil works.


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