Jaffna Ponalai Point Pedro (Ab21) Road

Rehabilitation of Jaffna Ponalai Point Pedro (Ab21) Road


The Strategic Cities Development Project (SCDP) is implementing a city region urban development programme under the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development of Sri Lanka with financial assistance from the World Bank (WB). This program has been extended to Jaffna city region with additional financing of USD 55 million. The rehabilitation of a section of the Ponalai Point Pedro Road (A21 road) scheduled to commence in May 2019, constitutes one of the components under Jaffna city region development program.

The AB21 road traverses Divisional Secretary Divisions of Jaffna, Valikamam West and Valikamam Southwest. The three Divisional Secretary Divisions encompass 15 Grama Niladhiri Divisions (GNDs), whose population estimated at 30,308 will be the beneficiaries of the road once it is rehabilitated. All persons/households to be affected by the project were enumerated in a census and socio economic survey conducted in April 2018.

Project Report