Puloly-Kodikamam Road (AB 31)

Rehabilitation of Puloly-Kodikamam Road (AB 31)


The sub project involves rehabilitation and expansion of Puloly – Kodikamam Road of 14.6km. It covers part of AB31 route that branches off from A9 route at Kodikamam junction in Thenmaradchchi DS Division, a distance of 14.3 km up to Puloly in Vadamaradchy North DS Division and moves beyond as B75 route. The 14.3 km (0+310, 14+610) of AB31 and 0.3 km (0+310) of B75 will be improved and renovated under this sub project.

The proposed sub project will significantly reduce the traffic congestion in Jaffna city through avoiding the necessity for vehicles from northern part of the Jaffna Peninsula to travel through the busy Jaffna city to reach the A9 Road, the primary gateway to the rest of the Northern Province and Southern Sri Lanka. It will enhance connectivity and reduce travel time due to the improved road conditions, avoiding congested roads leading to Jaffna and shortened distance between Point Pedro and A9 Road. It will benefit the people of Point Pedro and Vadamarachchi areas to reach Kodikamam railway station and travel down south without first having to go to Jaffna railway station via AB20 route that connects Point Pedro with Jaffna through Kankesanthurai.

Project Report