Dharmasoka Mawatha

Dharmasoka Mawatha and Lewella-Buwelikada Roads Development


Dharmasoka Mawatha-Lewella-Buwelikada (DLB) road at present is a substandard two lane road which will be upgraded into proper two lanes of 3.5 meters in width each. The proposed road improvement activity will develop the drainage line and road shoulder, where appropriate and necessary. There are several link roads to the DLB road. It is located in the Northern and the North-Eastern directions of the Kandy city. The road cuts across the Gangawata Korale Divisional Secretariat Division (DSD). The total length of the DLB road is about 3.6 kms. However, it has two sections, namely Dharamasoka Mawatha (B069) which is 2.825 kms in length and the Lewella-Buwelikada road (B 550) which is 0.775 km in length. The section B 069 starts at Rakade Junction of Kandy-Jaffna road (A09) and ends at Lewella junction of Senpathi Parami Kulathunga Mawatha. Section B 550 starts at Lewella junction of Senpathi Parami Kulathunga Mawatha and ends at Kandy-Mahiyangana-Padiyathalawa road (A026).

The traffic congestion in the Kandy city is a frequent problem and it makes several direct and indirect impacts on road users. Especially, heavy vehicles that pass though the city aggravate the traffic problem. Thus, the DLB road is an alternative road to reduce the traffic problem in the Kandy city. In addition, the existing condition of the road is very poor without adequate width for two lanes. Traffic congestion on this road is frequently observed. Therefore, it is required to upgrade this road with appropriate drainage, parking space, and sufficient access for pedestrians. Ultimately, the road improvement will increase the road safety measures.

Project Report