George E. De Silva Park

Rehabilitation of Gorge E de Silva Park


Rehabilitation of Gorge E de Silva Park


Urban Upgrading


Kandy - George E. De Silva Park




LKR 172.64 mn


George E de Silva Park is located in the heart of the world heritage city of Kandy in the central province. The boundaries of the park from the Northern direction is Dalada Veediya, Southern direction boundary from Torrington road, Ehelepola Kumarihamy road from the western direction and Eastern direction, the Samadara Lane . With an extent of 3420 Sq. m land area, the park during the day time, is surrounded by traffic congestion and noise creating disturbances to the public. However, the little open space of the park brings in fresh breeze and provides relief in a resting place in the center of the capital city. While the main roads surrounds the park, historical buildings are located either side of park. The roof top car park is located to the northwest while the public Library is to its southwest. The George E de Silva Park forms the roof for a public market underneath it. It is a popular business center consisting of small traders who sell their commodities at comparatively low prices.

The park has several key points of access that include stairs at its main entrance, stairs from the tunnel to the market, and a narrow bridge to the Roof Top car park and the library. These points of access make the George E De Silva park an important pedestrian crossing point as well.

The sub project seeks to improve and upgrade the existing landscape of the park to make it an attractive urban park and to improve the visual image of the Kandy city. Improvements to the landscaping around the park , visitors will be able to see the city around even at night once the area is properly illuminated.

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