Jaffna City

Urban Interventions in Jaffna City Region

Jaffna Development Component will support priority investments identified under three development components considered vital for the upgrading of the city, These include, Roads and Traffic improvement, Drainage improvement, Urban upgrading and Cultural Heritage. Investments will also include a component for Implementation support & Capacity Building of the Jaffna Municipal Council. This would ensure improved services of the Municipal Council and maintenance of rehabilitated and added municipal assets.

The developments proposed under this sub component envisage improvement of connectivity within and around the Jaffna Municipal Council area and also within the peninsular, by providing rural and urban road linkages.

This sub component would also support the development of a comprehensive public transport and traffic management strategy that would include a main bus terminal and parking facilities.

The developments proposed under this sub component includes reinstating the existing drainage network within the Jaffna Municipal Council and supporting a comprehensive study of the drainage of the Jaffna city region, including not only the current municipal council area, but also the identified future expansion areas, prepare a Master Drainage Plan which would ensure prevention of inundation of city during monsoonal rains.

This sub component would also fund priority work items identified in the Master Drainage Plan that would help prevent inundation of key city areas upgraded under this project.

Development proposed under this sub component includes urban up-grading of a wide range spanning from more public usage oriented improved streetscapes in identified street segments within the city, upgrading of existing recreational areas and public spaces within the urban fabric, improvement of public conveniences and services such as public toilets and community centers to a more culturally significant restoration and adaptive reuse of Jaffna’s cultural heritage sites, such as the Old Kachcheri Building at the very center of the city.

This sub component would also fund studies on Jaffna’s Peninsula Development strategy.

This sub component shall fund capacity improvement of the Jaffna Municipal Council to provide improved services to its citizen and also maintain the upgraded and added assets in to its best of conditions, by providing the Jaffna Municipal Council with Consultancy services to study and identify the required improvements, funding purchase of necessary machinery and equipment that would be needed to maintain the upgrades and also added assets and also providing training for the JMC staff.