Kandy Multimodal Transport Terminal

Kandy Multimodal Transit Terminal (KMTT) is to provide facilities to eliminate the spatial scattering of the three existing bus terminals in Kandy where around 330,000 passengers moving around daily.

Facilities at Ground Floor

≡ 22 Bus Parking bays
≡ 5 Boarding & Alighting bays and 13 Touch & Go bays
≡ Provision for 1 dedicated O & M Bay
≡ Emergency vehicle bay
≡ Vertical circulation cores- elevators, staircases and public utilities
≡ Rest areas for bus drivers
≡ Area for operations and administration
≡ Areas for commercial activities (6’X6’ shops)
≡ Circulation ramps for busses
≡ Parking area for 40 cars and 40 three-wheelers
≡ Information Centre and Food Court
≡ Service connections to first floor Bus Parking
≡ Connection to the underground pedestrian walkway


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