Kandy Multimodal Transport Terminal

Kandy Multimodal Transit Terminal (KMTT) is to provide facilities to eliminate the spatial scattering of the three existing bus terminals in Kandy where around 330,000 passengers moving around daily.



Kandy Multimodal Transit Terminal (KMTT) is to provide a facility to eliminate the spatial scattering of the three existing bus terminals in Kandy namely (1) Good-shed, (2) Clock-tower and (3)Torrington by bringing all existing terminal operations under one roof at Good-shed area of nearly three acres of land adjacent to Kandy railway station. Terminal facility spanning over three levels, connected through an underground passageway and an overhead Skywalk.

It is expected to handle 330000 passenger per day with over 5000 bus trips from 193 bus routes from mainly from 3 bus corridors. There will be IT based Terminal Operating system to control bus operation as well as to provide information to passengers with respect to time of departure location of respective bus bay. Out of 5000 bus trips around 2100 bus trips will be terminated at the KMTT at boarding and alighting bays. All other bus trips will be converted to touch and go trips where they will have bays to unload and pick passengers and continue the trip to other end of the trip or back to origin. By this rearrangement, demand for bus parking within city will be reduced and parking requirement will be provided within KMTT.

With the construction there will be 13 bays for Touch and Go, 32 bays for boarding and alighting, 2 bays for maintenance and 94 bus parking slots for bus operation. In addition to that there will be 40 parking slots for three wheelers and 40 parking slots for private cars.

As passenger facility all facilities required in a terminal including Public conveniences- washrooms & toilets, rest rooms, seating area, ticketing area public information displays and centers, food and shopping outlets are provided within the terminal. There will be facilities for bus cruses and operation and administrations. There will be stair cases, Elevators and Lifts for the passenger movement including facility for disable persons.

There will be elevated pedestrian connection between Peradeniya road and William Gopallawa Mawatha through KMTT over Railway premises. This will provide easy and short distance movement between two roads and KMTT and Railway station. This pedestrian sky walkway will be connected to second floor level of the building where passenger concourse is located.

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