LARC and Super LARC Systems

It is possible to legally invite the APs for a consultative table discussion so that the APs requests could be presented, discussed, debated, modified or fine-tuned as an all agreed joint decision based on a rational framework or guideline or finally disagreed and be requested to be referred to the Super LARC for further negotiations.

The composition of LARC

~ Respective Divisional Secretary of the Area (Chairman of the Committee)

~ District Valuer (Member of the Committee)

~ Senior Superintend of Survey (Member of the Committee)

~ Land Officer (RDA) (Member of the Committee)

~ Assistant Project Director(Lands) - (Member of the Committee)

The composition of Super LARC

~ Secretary of the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development (Chairman)

~ Secretary to the Ministry of Finance or a Representative (Member)

~ Chief Valuer or his Representative (Member)

~ Survey General or his Representative (Member)

~ Director General of RDA or his (Member)

~ Project Director(SCDP) (Member)

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