Moragoda Ela

Development of Moragoda Ela and Cross Drains


Development of Moragoda Ela and Cross Drains


Drainage Improvement / Flood Reduction






LKR 844.00 mn


The proposed Rehabilitation of Moragoda Ela cross drains- Package A is an open canal connected with three cross drains namely Heen Ela, Heen Ela cross drain 1 (Heen Ela CD1) and Heen Ela cross drain 2 (Heen Ela CD2). The Heen Ela starts from Akmeemana Divisional Secretariat Division (DSD) and passes through Ethiligoda South, Makuluwa and Milidduwa Grama Niladari Divisions (GNDs) of Kadawasathara Divisional Secretariat Division (chainage 0+609 m to end). Part of Heen ela (about 609 m) is located in the Akmeemana DSD and this drain is fed with storm and waste water flowing from Akmeemana and Kadawathathara DSDs. There are three bridges across Heen ela and existing dimensions of the bridges are sufficient for the smooth convey of the canal flow.

The catchment area of the Heen ela, Heen ela CD1 and Heen ela CD2 is changing rapidly due to increasing development activities. The marshy and low lying areas, which are unsuitable for construction purposes have been improved by land filling, thus the catchment loses the capacity of the water retention areas. As a result of uncontrolled landfill, the infiltration of rain water is less, the runoff is quick and increased. Hence the existing canal is insufficient for conveying the flood water even during low rainfall which eventually leads to flooding. There is no proper maintenance of the canal. Since the canal flows through highly populated and urbanized areas, the canal gets polluted easily. None decaying pollutants like, plastic bags, cans, bottles block the free flow of water and limit the conveyance capacity. The vegetation growth along the canal banks also blocks the smooth flow. Hence, proper maintenance of the canal, preserving the retention areas, improving the drain banks, and increasing the canal conveyance capacity are essential for flood mitigation.

Project Report