Rampart walkway

Rehabilitation of Sky walkway at Rampart


Strategic Cities Development Project (SCDP) was launched by the Ministry of Urban Development, Water Supply and Drainage Sri Lanka with financial assistance from the World Bank (WB). Kandy and Galle cities development are being implemented under the 1st phase as pilot cities. Both cities possess historical and cultural significance where untapped potential to attract local and international tourism in the long run. SCDP is to achieve planned development in terms of provision of solutions to the existing problems of the citizens living in outskirts of the townships and of the citizens utilizing the township in day to day basis and implementation of sub project focused to provisions of value addition to the cities. Greater Galle City Development Program (GGCDP) has designed to upgrade the Galle city and several sub projects have been identified focusing project aims. Sky Walkway at Galle Fort-Rampart rehabilitation and improvement is one of main sub projects under GGCDP to enhance the local as well as foreign tourists’ attractions for historical, cultural and scenic beauty of the Fort.

Project Report