Water Reservoirs

Construction of three water reservoirs (water storage tanks) at Heerassagala Middle, Heerassagala Lower and Dangolla.


The proposed development project includes construction of two new water (reservoirs/ Storage tanks) in Heerassagala Middle and Heerassagala Lower and the expansion of the capacity of the exisiting Dangolla storage tank. Land identified for the construction of the reservoirs in Heerassagala Middle and Lower divisions belongs to the NWS&DB they already have given their consent, while the land earmarked for the expansion work of the Dangolla reservoir is a property of the KMC. there is existing reservoir belong to KMC and new reservoir tank is construction under the same location, therefore land ownership will assure, as all the land required for the construction of the three reservoirs (storage tanks) are the property of the government, there is no acquisition of private land. The design and estimates have been prepared by the NWS&DB and the operation and maintenance will be carried out by the KMC once the project is commission.

Project Report