Sustainable Urban Development Project - An initiative of development of strategic cities of Sri Lanka under Strategic Cities Development Program.
Funding - Asian Development Bank and Government of Sri Lanka
Works for development of economic corridors and important cities - Trincomalee, Dambulla, Kurunegala and Ratnapura.
The project will be implemented in two stages - (i) Project Preparatory Activities; and (ii) Main Project.

Project Preparatory Activities


Project preparatory activities are designed to strengthen the project readiness and institutional capacity in the urban sector by;

. completing advanced feasibility studies and detailed designs for urban projects with climate and disaster resilience and gender-friendly features;
. providing advanced implementation support through preparation of bidding documents for advanced contracting, and safeguard documents; and
. strengthening institutional capacities of implementing agencies during the inception period of project implementation.

Expected Impact

Impact the Project is Aligned with urban projects in strategic cities and towns implemented in a timely manner.

Expected Outcome

High level of urban project readiness achieved.

. At least 30% of contracts ready for awards before loan negotiations of ensuing projects by 2021.
. least 60% of detailed engineering designs completed before loan fact finding mission of ensuing projects by 2021.

Planned Outputs

Feasibility studies and detailed designs of urban subprojects completed.

. Urban subprojects prepared in all four strategic cities with climate and disaster resilient and gender inclusive features by 2021.

Advance implementation support for two ensuing projects provided.

. At least 30% of bidding documents for civil works contracts are prepared and tendered before ADB loan fact finding mission for ensuing projects arrives.
. Safeguard documents are prepared and disclosed for the 30% bidding documents.
. Gender action plans are prepared before the arrival of the ADB loan fact finding missions for the two ensuing projects.

Institutional capacity of project agencies strengthened.

. At least 100 officials (30% women) reported increased knowledge or skills in procurement, contract management, safeguards, financial management, gender mainstreaming, climate change and disaster risk management by 2021.
. Guidelines for mainstreaming gender equality in the design of urban projects and for enhanced participation of women in local governance prepared and disseminated to nine provincial councils and all local authorities by 2021.
. Urban governance improvement program for two ensuing projects incorporating gender inclusive delivery of infrastructure and services prepared (including enhanced participation of women in local governance) by 2021.

Project Funding

ADB = $ 5.0m
GoSL = $ 1.1m

Project Time Line

Project Timeline

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