Dunumadalawa Water Treatment Plant

Rehabilitation and Augmentation of Dunumandalawa Water Supply Scheme


Kandy Municipal Water Supply System Augmentation and Rehabilitation sub project is planned to rehabilitate the intakes and treatment plants at Gatambe and Dunumadalawa to augment supply and improve treatment, storage, replace selected connections, pumping mains and distribution lines to reduce NRW, estimated at 40% to 50%. Other objective is to improve system efficiency for which nonstructural measures are included in the project design. The proposed treatment process includes aeration, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection. The overall objective of the sub-project is to quality improvement and quantity enhancement to ensure access to safe drinking water to the population in the service area including the population commuting to the city. The beneficiary population is multi-ethnic and multi-religious. The design includes maintenance facilities as well.

Dunumadalawa sub-project is located approximately 500 m west of Wales Park Junction. The location is already the site for the existing water supply facility. The Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and the proposed Sludge Treatment Plant (STP) are located E-80.63759 and N- 7.284540 and at an elevation of 550 m MSL Provision of safe drinking water will contribute to improved health outcomes through reduced incidence of water borne diseases in addition to improved livelihood opportunities realized from time and money savings due to water borne diseases controlled and the availability of labour free of health problems. Children and women – especially in poor households – will be particularly benefited. The sub project will therefore contribute to poverty reduction. Improvement to the surrounding environment will be accrued from the sludge treated, dried and disposed at Gohagoda landfill, and release of clean water back to Dunumadalawa stream thus contributing to pollution control.

Project Report